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It was a Sunday morning and my husband, Carlos was watching a football game. I was pretty bored and there was nothing interesting for me to see on t.v. Our first son, Carlos Alfredo was about six months old and taking a nap at the moment. Suddenly I had cravings for Meringues, this was pretty odd since I did not had cravings during my pregnancy nor did I ever ate Meringues before. I had nothing to loose since Carlos was going to watch a game for the next three hours, so I went down stairs, looked for a basic Meringue recipe and made a first batch which I didn't liked. I did a second batch changing the temperature, ingredients and baking time and this time a liked the end product.


That afternoon we went to my parents house for a family BBQ and took my meringues along. Everyone had a bite and sooner than later someone said "you should sell them". I thought it was a good idea and ask my mother if I could sell them at her store and she agreed so that night when we went back home I did another batch of Meringues and next morning I had my first Meringue bags for sale at Basket Originals, my mother's gourmet cafe. Surprisingly for me all ten bags sold out the same day and I was so excited that went back home to bake some more in order to sell them the next day and the they after and . . . . Today, 13 years later Carla's Sweets produces 12 different products, has a manufacturing plant and 60 employees.


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Manufacturing Facilities: Industrial Minillas 137 Rd 174 Suite 6, Bayamón PR 00959
Mailing Address: POBox 19265, San Juan PR 00910
Phone: 787-787--8805
email: customerservice@carlassweets.com
web: www.carlassweets.com

This is our main production area.
Robot Cutting Machine Before buying this machine we used to cut Brownies & Panet
Egg Breaking Machine This machine breaks the egg shell and separates the egg whi
Ovens We have 7 single cart ovens with a capacity of 20 trays at a time each one
Ovens We have 7 single cart ovens with a capacity of 20 trays at a time each one
Hand Made Meringues This is what we are famous for. Our Hand Made Meringues!!!!!

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Shipping charges are based on a % of your total amount. Shipping is done via PRIORITY MAIL from the US Postal Service which usually takes 3 - 5 days (estimate).
Please refer to Terms and Conditions for a full description( https://www.carlassweets.com/payment-options) .

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